Your Baby

Your baby is the passenger through your pelvis. The modern day pelvis can use some balancing for optimal fetal positioning. This can help ease pain in pregnancy and help women have shorter, easier births. Pelvic Balancing through Craniosacral Therapy and Baby Spinning Techniques, helps this happen. 

Baby Whisperer

Nickie is dedicated to taking the best care of you and your baby that she possibly can. Postpartum care  is done in the comfort of your home, including:  Craniosacral Therapy for baby to support successful breastfeeding. Chair Massage for Mommas.  Call for price and appointment. 


There is no place like home to receive care!

Most Craniosacral/Myofascial therapy and other services offered, are done in my Northfield, MN. office. Unless you are a postpartum momma desiring some of my postpartum services.                                                                                              Please feel free to call Nickie for a more information.


Coming from a Traditional Midwifery background, Nickie assists women with:                       Lactation Support- including craniosacral therapy for your baby for latch issues, in the comfort of your home.                                              Nutritional Guidance and Assessment - Pre-pregnancy, to have a healthier pregnancy and postpartum time and for life.                         Cranio Sacral Therapy - for moms and babies. Myofascial Release,  Abdominal Massage, Infant Massage, Belly Binding, Menopause Support. Pelvic Floor Recovery Services beginning January 2017 by appointment.  Nickies Naturals Herbal Apothecary products will also be available for purchase at the office in Northfield. Call for more information. 

We all love a head down baby. What if your careprovider tells you your baby is breech? You have options! Nickie does pelvic balancing to help assist your baby to find the best position for birth and that is usually head down.